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Our Beef

We acquired Jagersbos in 2013 and have since planted the 50 hectares of irrigation to 4 hectares of lucerne and 46 hectares of grazing pastures. We determined the mixture op plants to be planted after extensive study of the considerable research available on the different grasses found in South Africa. Today our pastures are the envy of our neighbours.

We employ the latest thinking on rotation of cattle on the pastures. In non-drought conditions we can accommodate up to 250 head of cattle.

Our cattle eat nothing but the grass in the pastures. They are obviously free-range also as they are always in the pastures. What we produce is cattle that are grass-fed and free range and not cattle that are merely free range.

Since our cattle are not fed hormones or antibiotics they take longer to grow to maturity and market size which means that the cost of production is more.

We offer to sell our grass-fed free range beef directly to consumers at one third of the price the equivalent beef sells in the retail market. Our customers are typically restaurants and individuals that club together. We sell whole carcasses which we cut into four.

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